How to Refinish a Floor

Learning how to refinish hardwood floors can be a challenge for homeowners. After all, refinishing is not like painting. The refinisher must be skilled at working with wood and at using the right tools.

While there are some similarities, it is still difficult to refinish hardwood floors without endangering or even ruining the surface. Follow these steps to learn how to refinish hardwood floors.

Step #1

Start the process by preparing the wood. To do this, you will need to scrape old finish or paint from the surface. If you have already sanded the floor prior to applying the new coat, you should skip this step.

Step #2

Next, use an orbital sander to remove material from the edges of the room. It is important to sand the floor with high-grit sandpaper to ensure that all of the scratches are removed. The sander is also used to make the wood softer so it will sit better with the refinishing process.

Begin sanding the floor by using medium-grit sandpaper, then finishing with a fine-grit abrasive. Most manufacturers recommend that you finish sanding with both medium-grit and fine-grit sandpaper to give the floor more durability.

As you work on how to refinish hardwood floors, you may notice some flaws in the floor. If you see these imperfections, it is okay to sand the surface more. This will bring out the natural beauty of the wood.

Step #3

After sanding the floors to get rid of imperfections, you can apply the new finish. If you are refinishing existing floors, you need to start at the center and work your way out. You will want to apply the new finish in even strokes. It is important to make sure that all of the wood is covered by the finish. Once the entire hardwood floor is covered, let it dry for 24 hours.

Step #4

If your wood floors are new, you don’t have to wait for them to completely dry before applying the new finish. You can start painting your wood floor the same day you sanded it. Follow the directions on the paint tube or brush you’re using. Use as much pressure as you feel comfortable with to get the paint on the wood floors.

Step #5

If your floors have stains, you will probably need to refinish the entire flooring. Most people are comfortable refinishing wood floors because the process is fairly easy. When refinishing hardwood floors, remember to consult the label on the product about the proper procedure. You don’t want to damage your floors by attempting to refinish them at the wrong time.

Final Words

Many homeowners prefer to hire a professional refinishing company to get the job done right. If you are considering refinishing hardwood floors yourself, there are many resources available to help you learn how to do it properly. The Internet is a great place to find tutorials and tips for refinishing hardwood floors. You may also find some helpful tools at your local home improvement store. Keep in mind that hiring a professional refinishing company will be more expensive than refinishing the floor yourself.…