Install and Repair Toilet Bowl – DIY

As the toilet bowl is one of the most used sanitary ware in the home, it is often necessary to repair it from time to time. Two common parts which require attention are: toilet tank & toilet bowl. With a bit of knowledge and hand work, it is possible for you to DiY the repair works. Below are some tips on how to do that yourself

Toilet Bowl Repairs

When the seal at the base gets defective due to age, it starts leaking at its base. Before repairing, you must turn off the water supply and remove it only when the system is dry. After removing it, clean the old joint & pipe. Subsequently, fixed back and seal it carefully and thoroughly. After all this, if there is still water leakage, most likely the porcelain has cracked. In this situation, you can’t repair and have to replace the toilet bowl.

Toilet Tank Repair

One of the most common problems is that water keeps running constantly. There may be a leak in the toilet tank. Test it by adding some food colouring into the water and see if the coloured water gets into the toilet bowl. If it does, it means it is leaking.

Before replacement of the parts, see if you can remedied by adjusting the length of the lever wire or the positioning of the toilet tank ball. However, if these steps don’t help, you will need to replace the parts in the toilet tank.

Installing the New Toilet

Installing a new toilet bowl requires a bit more work. First, remove the old shut-off valve and use a Teflon tape to wrap around the pipe. Next, screw the new shut-off valve and install the wax ring or flexible ring after flipping the toilet bowl.

You will now need to set the bowl in place, ensuring that it is fitted properly. After that, screw the bolt through the base to the floor. Avoid over tightening the screw as cracks may occur on the porcelain. Put a small amount of plumber’s putty inside the bolt caps to seal properly. Remember to wrap Teflon tape around the shut-off valve.

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